Текст песни Carpathian Forest - Shut Up, There No Excuse To Live...

Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est
Жанр: Black Metal
Исполнитель: Carpathian Forest
Альбом: Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est
Длительность: 04:14
Рейтинг: 505
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Falkon


SHUT UP There is NO excuse to Live Come chaos, come death Like a wolf, he is the hunter Like an owl, belongs to the night Like a serpent, his bite is deadly Like a cunt, waiting to be fucked waiting to be fucked like a cunt waiting to be fucked Like a blade, it makes you bleed Like a bullet, it's meant to kill. Like a war, he is majestic Like a metal, I will stand, stand supreme. I stand supreme! Like a metal I stand supreme Come Chaos ... Come Death!!!! I stand supreme.... ...So go out and KILL!!!! SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP!!!! There is NO excuse to Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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