Текст песни Starbreeze - Betrayers

Russian Operatic Voices
Жанр: Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: Starbreeze
Альбом: Russian Operatic Voices
Длительность: 05:11
Рейтинг: 408
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Загрузил: punk cinderella


[Betrayers] Time to decide what we will do Cause I always like to stay in gain Money, pretty life - we wanna move Not to bliss in love which really chains I have made my choice Chose cash, and now rejoice [CC] How can you jump to All these wrong conclusions You have reached the brow Bore in minds infection [Chorus] Ask yourself what you've become You sold your soul and your heart Run eternal (eternal run) for income On human nature did the scar [Betrayers] You're tryin' to save dyin' roots of love, (You) Don't think what it might be, oh, fucking wrong And so on, blaming me You don't wanna think and see May be, if we never loved, we never would have agonized. Hey, fella, what is wrong with you? Have you been so foolish and so blind? Cannot abide the total truth Or tried to hide it from mankind? I have made my choice Chose cash, and now rejoice [CC] Open up your rusty mind And enter feelings to its deep Throw away your decline The material world’s too bleak [Chorus] [Betrayers] Knee-deep in mud – it’s not for us That’s the core of love – the eternal human cuss [Betrayers] Understood? [CC] No, it's not! It's a mistake. [Betrayers] You’re odd! [CC] Can u give me your warrants? [Betrayers] No, a-ha-ha-ha! There are none! [Chorus]
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