Текст песни R.E.M. - The Apologist

Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: R.E.M.
Альбом: Up
Длительность: 04:30
Рейтинг: 673
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Загрузил: fuckman


They call me the apologist Now that I'm at peak You know at first it really hurt We joke about these things I've skirted all my differences But now I'm facin' up I wanted to apologize for Everything I was, so I'm sorry So sorry Did you understand me right? The people here are good They tell me what I should have done And offer what I could I'm good, all is good All's well, no complaints When I feel regret I get down on my knees and pray I'm sorry So sorry I live a simple life Unfettered by complex sweets You think this isn't me? There I go I'm so sorry Thank you for bein' there for me Thank you for listening, goodbye I can forfeit selfishness I hope for you that you apply This happiness, this peacefulness This peacefulness I'm sorry So sorry
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