Текст песни Alex Gaudino ft. David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland - Commander (Extended Dance Mix)

Dance Party - (K)
Жанр: Dance
Исполнитель: David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland ft. Alex Gaudino
Альбом: Dance Party - (K)
Длительность: 05:54
Рейтинг: 351
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: zahar-li


I feel like the DJ is my bodyguard You see the way he keeps me safe With the treble and that bass I feel free enough to party hard This dress won't go to waste Feels like I own the place V.I.P to to be the boss You see the way these people stare Watching how I fling my hair I'm a dancefloor lover Baby there's no other Who do it like I do it yeah (Chorus:) From here on out I'll be your commander No fear no doubt I'll provide the answer Right now I command you to dance I'll be your commander Right now I command you to dance I'll be your commander Right now I command you to... Kelly Rowland Commander lyrics found on I- I'll be your commander I'll provide the asnwer (Verse 2:) Ain't no reason to celebrate But you know we gon' hav a ball Champagne spillin' from the wall And I'll be partying til hella late But I ain't worried not at all I just give my driver a call yeah (Tell him) Pick me up at 8am No we ain't stopping right here We'll take the party to the crib Let's go all night baby You won't find no lady Who does it like I does it yeah [Chorus] It's jam packed So DJ where you at? I know you got my back So make that bass attack Let's make these people move You know I need some room, to Do what I do, I'm bout to act a fool Turn the lights on [Chorus] I-I'll be your commander I'll provide the answer.
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