Текст песни YC - Racks (Remix) (feat. Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka, Cyhi Da Prynce, Bun B, Twista, Dose, B.O.B., Big Sean, Cory Mo, Cory Gunz, Nelly, Trae Tha Truth, Wale, Yo Gotti)

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: YC
Альбом: Blunt
Длительность: 12:48
Рейтинг: 478
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Genius_of_RAP


(Chorus:) YC! (What you got?) Racks on racks on racks (He got) Racks on racks on racks (We got) Racks on racks on racks (Leggo) (Hey) We got racks on racks on racks (She got) Racks on racks on racks (They got) Racks on racks on racks Got campaign goin’ so strong Gettin’ brain when I’m talkin’ on the phone Spendin’ money when your money is long Real street niggas, ain’t no clone We at the top where we belong Drink lean, rose, Patron Smokin’ on a thousand dollars worth strong When the club ’bout to hear this song We got racks on racks on racks (Racks) Racks on racks on racks (Racks) Racks on racks on racks (Racks) Got racks on racks on racks Got racks on racks on racks (Racks) Racks on racks on racks (Racks) Racks on racks on racks Nigga, I ain’t even tryna hold back (YC:) Still fresh, yeah, and in my Trues Iced out, okay, cool Trapped up, know I keep that tool That racks on racks so ma’fuckin’ fool All around the globe, bein’ on TV Everywhere you look, you see YC Hatin’-ass niggas just wishin’ they were me YC, YC, YC Way too big for my ma’fuckin’ jeans I’m so fly I don’t even got wings Eyes real low, just blame it on the green Girl cut up, got lean on lean That shoebox shit, over with She put it on the rack, won’t notice it My bank ‘count, commas all over it Racks on racks on racks (Young Jeezy:) Young, if it’s convertible, then how is it a hardtop? Bitch, I hit one button, my roof open like a hard spot Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch, my life was hard knock Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch, I think my heart stop Every night’s a weekend, every day’s a Friday night You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, bitch, this just my Friday ice ’87, brick fare, yeah, I’m talkin’ thirty racks All I sold is hundos, where the fuck my twenties at? (Wiz Khalifa:) Racks on, racks off, see that blonde stripper, my hat’s off Lookin’ at my Rollie, ’bout thirty grand what that cost Smoke like I’m in Cali, fuck takin’ flight, I blast off Niggas talkin’ tattooes, we should have a tat-off Got racks on racks on racks, naps on naps on naps Just made a mill, count another mill, so put that on top of that Way back in 2004, I told ‘em it was a wrap Now my life ain’t my life no more, I told you, nigga, it’s a wrap Oooh, you claim you a dog, my nigga, I’m the vet We can’t even talk ‘less you got the check, I guess that’s why all of these niggas get bent They said “Fuck a young nigga, fuck a young nigga” I know it’s some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga I roll one and roll another one bigger Niggas thinkin’ they sick, well, I’m sicker I’ma smoke my weed and I’ma drink my liquor Better make sure you fuck your girl right ‘fore I dick her Down (Waka Flocka Flame:) (Flocka!) I got racks on top of racks (Uh!), stacks on top of stacks (Uh!) Bands on top of bands (Uh!), got me fuckin’ her (Uh!) and her friends (Flocka!) Bad boys don’t do papers (Flex!), that was just for (Flex!) my haters (Clap!) (Clap, clap, go, go, go, go, go, Flocka!) Clap two times if you druuuunk Got a bad bitch from the U.K. (Okay!) She do everything I say (Okay!) Go crazy when she hear music (Grove Street!) She got “Grove St.” on replay (Flocka!) Got racks you don’t understand (Uh-huh) Money long from here to Japan (Uh-huh) Know it good when she go no hands Girl, you got me in a trance (Chorus:) (CuHi The Prynce:) Got racks on racks on racks, y’all rap so wack on wax Purple by the pound, that’s that Flacco, haaaa I make big plays, I got big chips Blue money like six Crips Switch gears like stick shifts Fresh as hell, no Big Kipp We buy cars, y’all flip whips Catch us smokin’ that quick trip Pitch piff, that’s a handspring I like to call that a quick flip Pull triggers like hamstrings Boy, I’m doin’ my damn thing Baby blood w
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