Текст песни Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - What About Us

Thug World Order
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Альбом: Thug World Order
Длительность: 05:24
Рейтинг: 414
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Загрузил: Doctor


"What About Us" [Chorus 2x] (What about us?) What about my niggaz still out on the street? (What about us?) What about my partners doin' time? (What about us?) What about this arresting from the police? (What about us?) What about my young thugs cry? [Layzie] Its for my, incarcerated niggaz That stuck in the pin they coming home Gotta stay strong cause you aint alone Remember you always got love from home They steal this pain and may not know it I'm a boy and I gotta show it I hear them cries from the babies I wish they had a chance don't wanna blow it But unemployed for all the little girls and boys You got'sa, love your mom and daddy And make them wonder why you give them ploys Oh boy, its getting deep but more expensive then ever cheap But what about that little nigga running the streets Making a living through his beats What about these whack ass politicians They don't care if we live or die What about that elderly barely breathing, gotta survive on SSI They say America, it's the land of the free and home of the brave Its mass hysteria, so bring your knees and hope we can fight And if bury us, at least we can live as we believe Dog aint ever gonna break our pride Aint nothing you can do to keep us weak And all of my soldiers come together Get on your feet and get ready to bust What about this war against terrorism (fuck that) And what about this war against us [Chorus] [Wish] What about them thugs that's dead and gone What about them thugs that aint even grown What about them thugs that out here lost And aint ever gonna find their way home Suspicion got you furious, so grab your shit and listen up Its violence and violence, it's the only way their gonna respect us If its this system, in the ghetto back far to one place one time Know we gone, how they sleep at night if they know they be lying This shit we deal wit', we young black and fit less Living in the ghetto to ghetto and ghetto to ghetto cause ghetto is all we know They beat us down for dumb shit, they lock us up for dumb shit Find out that I'm innocent and still gotta fight for money they owe me And they wonder why we riot in the damn streets They can't hold us down we getting all that money And watch what I tell ya, everybody wants some how they get it they don't care Try to kick it when you spittin' real smooth But they listening in my business trying to fuck up my move [Chorus] [Bizzy] Dead niggaz I've been to war Been tall with shit I seen it all Like soap operas from ghetto stars I can tell when rappers getting bored, really Sometimes she a bitch sometimes my lady And times when niggaz die she help like I was a baby The simplest things in life were always the best Breathing you ass back inhaling when chronic in your chest Hey somebody call my momma and help me one more time Before I die my momma she carry me no comma Niggaz bitches and drama I recollect walking and stoppin' Cops not even checking on me, juvenile delinquent And baby y'all be respecting me The B.O. it taking me in Whether we saving fuck the last thing we did And let the cops see all the shit that I did Like spittin' on them foxies skied up In the palm of my dick This is the life that I love This is the life that I live And it's a life full of lust nigga [Chorus] [Krayzie] My partner called me after court They said they got 25 to life just for slingin' some dope They making some cheese just to feed their folks And they like somebody won't go home Its sad cause its sadder for us to get caught up by the po-po fo sho' And what about our boys and young girls In their wicked young world Coming to school wit' heaters bustin' their teachers Whatever happened to family and humanity we posses What about our
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