Текст песни Cypress Hill - I Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Black Sunday
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Cypress Hill
Альбом: Black Sunday
Длительность: 04:28
Рейтинг: 8908
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


Let's kick it ese COMMIN' OUT DA SLUMS!!! It's da hoodlums I'm pullin' my gat out on all you bums So bring it on when you wanna come fight this Outlaw, I'll kick ya like Billy Ray Cypress Hill Kill, I'll bust that grill Grab my gat, and load up the steel And if you wanna get drastic I'll pull out my blasted glock, automatic, Synthetic material, bury your blocks-n-mortar Headed down to da Mexican border Smokin' that smellie, Northern Cali, Gonna put a slug in Captain O'Malley Ho, hum-Hear the gat come Boooooommmmmm! Let me see what you'll do when you're sent to kill a man But I'll be damned if I don't take a stand We ain't goin' out like that We ain't goin' out like that "We ain't goin' out!" We ain't goin' out like that We ain't goin' out like that "We ain't goin' out!" We ain't goin' out like that We ain't goin' out like that "We ain't goin' out!" We ain't goin' out like that "We ain't goin' out like that!" I'm high strung Click I'm sprung 'Cause I don't live on the hum-drum Where I'm from the gats'll be smokin' I'll be damned if ya think I'm jokin' Know that I come with the static, erratic, .45 automatic Screamin' at ya-the red lights beamin' at ya No need to haf'ta run after the punk-ass who'd run up to my crew Dig the grave for the one who got played Now he's under Don't make stevie wonder why 'cause you'll testify We ain't goin' out like that I got to thinkin' "What the fuck is this?" Lettin' you know I take care of business Can I get a witness? To verify when I DEPICT THIS! That makes you ecstatic Tragic, when I get a poof of the magic buddha When I roll with my crew I betcha one time can't find my hooda! IN MY VE-HICLE with the belt unbuckled (I don't know this line) Pig rollin' up but he ain't that subtle Pulled to da curb So we exchange a few words But he got me stirred up "Ought not to grab the handcuffs. I'll huff-n-puff-n-blow ya head up!" We ain't goin' out like that EAT A BOWL OF DICK UP!! GEEEYEAH!! (Final Speech) Yeah takin' your disses and dissin' ya right back This is the Cypress Hill crew, like main shit Yo and I'm talk this damn rappa Eat a bowl a dick up, there ya go my man over here You can eat a bowl o' dick up too Anybody else need from runnin' away Yo, eat a bowl of dick up G!
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