Текст песни Gwar - Metal Metal Land

MEAT Vol. 1
Жанр: Metal
Исполнитель: Gwar
Альбом: MEAT Vol. 1
Длительность: 03:05
Рейтинг: 550
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: plyvaskin


There's a place so very far Most favored of the worlds that are missed by GWAR We can get there as long as it's by stolen car Smash your face and go shoot up There's a world of which I've heard Far beyond the sky A place of chicks and pills and booze A place where winners always lose You'll always hear your favorite band Here in Metal Metal Land Here in Metal Metal Land Nothing ever dies Except of course our enemies And they're attracting metal flies Here in Metal Metal Land Everything is loud All the chicks are strippers All their father's proud Metal metal land Metal metal sea Metal metal air Metal you and metal me Metal metal metal metal! x2 Heavy Metal Metal Land Here in Metal Metal Land Every day is night Except of course when night is day But then there is no light Here in Metal Metal Land Everything is rock Everyone is in a band Ever girl sucks every cock Here in Metal Metal Land Everything is hard Except of course the test you take To get a license for your car Bullet belts and denim jackets Crystal meth in tiny packets Witches, warlocks, demon seed Booze and cooze and weed and speed Metal metal x16 Filthy hair and dirty faces Flying V's and swords and maces 80's hair bands are still hated No false metal tolerated Heavy metal is the law Weakness means a broken jaw Everything is loud and fast Metal up your fucking ass Metal plane on metal trip Metal hand, metal grip It's metal man, Here in Metal Metal Land
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