Текст песни Jon Bon Jovi - August 7

Destination Anywhere
Жанр: AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Jon Bon Jovi
Альбом: Destination Anywhere
Длительность: 04:59
Рейтинг: 1334
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Загрузил: Netan-X


Album: Destination Anywhere (1997) Songwriters: Jon Bon Jovi It was another day A perfect Texas afternoon A mother and two children play The way the always do As they raced home from the mailbox A mother and her son Against a little girl of 6 years old The independent one The deputies went door to door Through all the neighborhood They said I got some news to tell you folks I'm afraid it ain't so good Somehow something happened Someone got away Someone got the answers for what happened here today Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, no, no, no Chorus: Tell me it was just a dream - August 7 4:15 God closed His eyes and the world got mean August 7 4:15 Now the people from the papers and the local TV news Tried to find the reason Cop dogs sniffed around for clues Someone shouted "Hit and Run" The coroner cried "Foul" Her blue dress was what she wore The day they laid her body down Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, no, no, no Chorus I know tonight that there's an angel Up on Heaven's highest hill And no one there can hurt you baby No one ever will Somewhere someone's conscience is like a burning bed The flames are all around you How you gonna sleep again Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, no, no, no Chorus
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