Текст песни Eminem - Purple Pills

A Tribute To Eminem
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Eminem
Альбом: A Tribute To Eminem
Длительность: 05:04
Рейтинг: 400
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Загрузил: timonni


[Eminem] Ugh.. yo yo yo, yo [Chorus: Eminem] I've been so many places, I've seen so many faces But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple hills I've climbed the highest mountain, once or twice but who's countin But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple hills [Eminem] Yo, yo Cool, calm, just like my mom With a couple of lawsuits inside her palm It's Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve To roll up on you like Christopher Reeves I can't describe the vibe I get When I drive by six people and five I hit (oops) Aww [shit], I started a mosh pit Squashed a chick and lost her foster kids (ahh!) This room make me hallucinate Then I sweat 'til I start losin weight 'Til I see dumb [shit] start happenin Dumber than Vanilla Ice tryin to rap again So bounce, bounce, come on bounce {*GUNFIRE*} I said come on, bounce (ahh!) Everybody in the house doin mass amounts (me!) To the women in the thongs with they asses out (oh) We don't bull[shit], better ask around D-12 throws the bombest bash in town Bizarre, your mom is crashin out Help me get her on the couch 'fore she passes out Come on! [Kon Artis and Kuniva] [Fuck] that, someone help Denaun He's upstairs wrestlin Elton John Heh, hey Von you see me steppin on these leprechauns? It gotta be Tums, the Exlaxe is gone Ya I took them all dawg with some parmesan And I think my arm is gone Naw it's probably numb Young, dumb, and full of [cum] And I think he 'bout to swallow his tongue Scary ass it was a false alarm You think I'm 'bout to die when I just got on? Yo stop actin stupid You so high that you might wake up with a guy on some new [shit] (eww!) Yeah I think I did too much (uh-huh) I think I got the runs (uh-huh) Rolaids, Pepto and Tums -- watch out, here it comes! {*laughter*} [Chorus] [Eminem] Dirty Dozen, eighty of us, Shady brothers, ladies love us That's why our baby mothers love us but they hate each other They probably wanna take each other out and date each other Some-, somethin, some'un, some'un, some'un {*babbling*} [Proof] Hop hills, hills I hop Hop two hills on stilts I walk Snort two lines that were filled with chalk Thought it was +Incredible+ and killed the +Hulk+ I wanna, roll away like a rollerblade Until my eyes fall back and I'm scared for days And when I'm, over weight and my golf ball broke No okey-doke, I'm packin my nose with soap {*cough cough cough*} Am I supposed to choke? Had an accident when the Trojan broke Aww, poor baby, born by [whore] lady Now I'm payin child support.. (it's your baby!) [Swifty McVay] I take fo' shots at one time And I don't need a chaser when I'm swallowin' mine (Hey, you got any room?) In Bizarre's hatchback? We can't go far cause our car has flats Why the hell you people think I rap? Because my mother taught me how to breach contracts And if you got cash, then hide it soon (Swift, chill) I'm just tryin to get bi like you! (eww!) And I don't give a damn if they find me rude (uh-huh) Mean, crude, the hell with you too (uh-huh) I only need three blunts and I'm cool I just copped some and I'm goin back soon [Chorus] [Bizarre] I'm at a rave lookin at a babe like she want it (hahaha) Gin and tonic demonic, body smell like vomit Loony, crazy, chunky, sexy, dopey-headed guy Whip cream, dirty mattresses, wanna try? (c'mon) Blue hills, golden seals, got Bizarre, actin ill Drugs kill (yeah right) - chick, I'm for real! Shut your mouth you dirty girl, you know you want me in your world Ladies please don't fight; Bizarre's here all night! [C
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