Текст песни Jochen Miller ft. Rank 1 - Wild And Perfect Day

544-A State Of Trance (19.01.2012) SBD
Жанр: Trance / Trance Vocal / Progressive Trance
Исполнитель: Rank 1 ft. Jochen Miller
Альбом: 544-A State Of Trance (19.01.2012) SBD
Длительность: 05:47
Рейтинг: 1242
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Загрузил: Mobimax


Could’ve told you what you really wanted to hear I could’ve stayed for another empty year I could’ve touched your hand when the time was right But it’s never right And your eyes move away It’s a wild, perfect day I should’ve never even let you in ‘Cause your mouth was big But your words were thin ‘Cause something better than wanting you Is the thought of being done with you And my mind moves away It’s a wild, perfect day We let the world pass by it’s joy, it’s pain The fact that it’s a lie The apathy, I say It’s a wild it’s a wild It’s a wild and perfect day
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