Текст песни Nas - Gangsta Tears

Exit wounds - OST / Сквозные ранения - Саундтрек
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Nas
Альбом: Exit wounds - OST / Сквозные ранения - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:20
Рейтинг: 2802
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Загрузил: oieuverj


[Chorus 2X: Nas] (I'm cryin gangsta tears) Only if you could feel my pain (I'm cryin gangsta tears) Only if I could show you (I'm cryin gangsta tears) Only if you was in this game (I'm cryin gangsta tears) You'd feel the whirlwind blow you [Nas] My daily dose is ferocious I smoke dope, just as strong as opium Hopin I'm close to just breakin frustration; speakin on podiums Facin this cold world head-on, dead on arrivals Young black, poor education guns crack The gang violence done that Nighttime, the guns blow, streets got snitches dealers, bitches, killers and blunt smoke, clubs open Benzes, Jeeps, dubs pokin out tires Thugs with heat, pay security, to let them slide in Huh, I'm at the corner driftin, sippin, Cognac To' back, know dat soldiers is packin no secret Though I'm broken hearted women done left me hopeless in darkness Smokin, driftin in sickness, stand by oceans watch the sun glisten I'm so-searchin, I'm so-hurtin What happens when money don't make you happy I wish this on no person Ate at the classy places, made all my fashion statements I got no friends I'm lonely, don't want no pity save it [Chorus] [Nas] Yo, ride in the nighttime, I'm high, got on my flight suit Hood with the night sign, dark colors on Pull up the block my brother's on I hug him and we blow trees (sup nigga?) Scopin for police Guns on our hip, fiends want a fix, stumblin tricks (right here) We left the drug game alone Brothers is jealous cause we still call the hood our home What could you tell us? At funerals my eyes swell up (damn) Look at my dog lay in the casket Twin shotgun barrels had blasted And rest in peace rakim , is all I could whisper as I paid respect, kissed his face and felt hard skin It's part of God's plan, but why so many niggaz have to die? It's crowded in this place, let the priest and pastor by Bandana covers my eye, I'm scopin through the room I see killers and thieves, mob bosses and goons And yet I feel responsible when my nigga's pronounced dead inside the hospital, I wish there's somethin I could do, but.. [Chorus]
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