Текст песни Westlife - Hey Whatever

Rock Ballads
Жанр: Rock / Pop / Pop-Rock
Исполнитель: Westlife
Альбом: Rock Ballads
Длительность: 03:26
Рейтинг: 20422
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Загрузил: Vikmusic


[Bryan:] Well I can't control the universe Cause I'm only a man And I've been reading the papers But they won't tell me who I am [Shane:] If you really need a new philosophy Well there's one that makes sense The one I profess but I say [Chorus: (All)] Hey whatever Let your beauty come alive Let your colour fill the sky And say whatever Why don't you liberate your mind Let your colour fill the sky [Shane:] All the world's a waiting room And we're standing in line For the answers to the question "What makes this fine?" [Mark:] Don't let them change your story Won't let them change your song Don't let the gurus and philosophers lead you on Ahh... [Chorus] [Mark:] Wooo! It's like taking a seat at the roulette table Just spinning the wheel Good or bad just take what comes Don't change how you feel Youre a champion of science Or are y'just some freak show's fool What can not be proved, no no Can still be true And I say [Chorus] Ahhh... Heeey whatever
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