Текст песни Genesis - Open Door

Greatest Hits Part Two (1978-1999) (CD 1)
Жанр: Art Rock
Исполнитель: Genesis
Альбом: Greatest Hits Part Two (1978-1999) (CD 1)
Длительность: 04:07
Рейтинг: 392
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Загрузил: SAP


I see your smiling face By the open door There's the morning light Shining in your hair and in your eyes And just a little way behind that smile of yours I see another one oh so far away If only for one second I could hold you close to me When the Master calls for me again There's nothing I can say or I can do Goodbye my love Time has come to say farewell I hear the call again Goodbye to the world I've shouted for so long But there's so much my love That I can never say And in a little while In a little while There's nothing left to say As the years go by And I have not returned And the night has come Fallen all around If you count the stars You'll know how many have gone out And when the Master calls for me again There's nothing that I can say Or I can do Stand in the sun Shut your eyes and feel the world Is changing every day Goodbye my love Each day will seem so long There's so much I feel That I can never say I can't see you I can't feel you anymore I'm just a memory of that open door
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