Текст песни Village People - San Francisco

Village People
Жанр: Disco
Исполнитель: Village People
Альбом: Village People
Длительность: 05:32
Рейтинг: 2526
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Загрузил: nehoroshev74


Folsom Street, on the way to Polk and Castro You don't find them finer Freedom, freedom is in the air, yeah Searching for what we all treasure : pleasure Cycles, cycles in the night shining bright Brightly on nights tell a glory story Leather, leather, leather, leather baby Levi's and T's are the best now all right Dress the way you please and put your mind at ease It's a city known for its freedom Cycles shining bright break the silence of the night Inhibitions, no, you don't need them, no,no,no San Francisco, san francisco City by the Bay yeah You've got me San Francisco, san francisco take me to the water You've got me'got me got me, baby F0lsom Street on the way to Freedom, freedom, freedom Cycles, cycles in the night shining bright Brightly on nights tell a glory story Disco, disco party baby - music that sets you on fire, higher Say what's on your mind and spend a little time Every gesture there has a meaning Party 'till the night before the morning light You may feel your whole body screaming San Francisco City by the Bay, yeah Oh you've got me San Francisco Take me to the water Got me, got me, got me baby Say you got me, love ya love you so, well Here's what I want you to do, take me Take me baby, show me the way Take me... take me Lead me to the water... well well it's you and me yeah Show me the way, why don't you show me the way, show me the way, hey Come on baby, let's get it down, down Ain't nobody between you and me Baby baby feel fast and free Baby baby let's do hot night Come on baby let's you and me swing Love the way I please, don't put no chains on me If you got the time, you could do it, What I need is love, that's all I'm thinking of Take me to the Bay, lead me to it, now San Francisco... oh I love ya yeah... San Francisco City by the Bay y'all You've got me, got me, got me, baby Got me, baby Here's what I want you to do Show me, show me the way
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