Текст песни Malcolm Kirby Jr. - Saints Row The Third

Saints Row: The Third - Original Soundtrack
Жанр: Нет данных
Исполнитель: Malcolm Kirby Jr.
Альбом: Saints Row: The Third - Original Soundtrack
Длительность: 02:48
Рейтинг: 5370
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Загрузил: Scorpion_MK


Money and girls top of the world like Leo The real deal yeah that’s just how I feel Invincible indestructible crew of Steel Who could have predicted our downfall Ms Cleo Oh oh I used to be on top of the game Where everybody once knew my name Well Lately everything thing aint the same Yeah its funny how times can change Oh I used to be on top of the game Where everybody once knew my name Well lately everything aint the same Yeah its funny how times can change What do you do when you’ve lost that power What do you do when you need that power How do you satisfy that greed for power Who do you kill cause the world was ours Who do I have to double cross for power Who do I have to make bleed for power No one crew should have all that power But the Third Street Saints paid the COST for that power Post What other gang got a store chain named with they nom de guerre splayed out in plain view to stay kids writing essays why they should be a saint comic nerds ask for autographs because they caint run up to to car windows through bo duken final round win to the chin ha do ken playing chicken in the highway mean street cleanin Actors kill millions to play parts that we’re seen in Im a soldier boy tell em sMurder time with prof genki Whoever said king of Steelport man he meant me Rollin four deep through the steelport streets Parachute naked onto penthouse suites Smacking luchadores down with the purple pecker wrecker Molitov firewire hackin blackened deckers Murder brawl mauler air strike caller Killin zombies with grenades everythings a purple haze Post apocalyptic brains on my fists way to go Crashing airplanes with Yonkers on radio Trailblaze cyberspace virtual reality Pimpin all the hos with deviated sexuality climax super ethical Mascots sent to medical Spotting fuzzy wuzzies through my sniper rifle reticule Mowing city Cops in paramilitary choppers Pimps racing gimps if you want it try and stop us Murdering a Whored of hos bigger than Duce Bigelow Taking hits on Saintsbook you know I like all of those Human ammo Manapault head first slammin Makin you forget with hits from Mollusk launcher cannon Knockin all beef out the park bitch I bury Bonds The streets are my dealership I laugh at car alarms Got skills better than a grand theft veteran Breaking into bases where a military jet is in Stillwater grown if you asked you would have known What I see I own that’s why I watch the throne Who laid the cross out for los carnales Who put the halt to the Vice King ballas Who stole control from the Westside Rollerz Who showed the Brotherhood whats really good Who brought the Sons of Samedi to their knees Who stole the home out from under the Ronin That’s right Saints Row and I own the Row I live for the Row I breathe for the Row I’ll steal for the Row and I’ll lie for the row I kill for the row And I’ll Die for the Row If youre from the Opposition then you gonna need morticians Focused our ambition cant deny Our volition its Destroy every gang until just one remains Its Saints Row bitches you cant stop the Purple reign
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