Текст песни Blutengel - Go To Hell

Demon Kiss
Жанр: Synthpop / Darkwave
Исполнитель: Blutengel
Альбом: Demon Kiss
Длительность: 04:48
Рейтинг: 569
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Homjak


Every day it s still the same I don t know what to do with my life I don t know where I belong to Every night it s still the same I wake up crying from my dreams I have these nightmares again All these past visions People hate God, people hate God I m asking me, should I pray? Or does nothing really make sense? Is there someone watching over me? Does anybody care about my life? Can anybody rescue my soul? Will I be damned forever more? Or will there be a light at the end? (I want to serve the darkness, I refuse the light) Will I go to Heaven, will I go to Hell? Will there be a life after death? Or will I be, will I be Will I be forever lost? Will the darkness take control me? Do I have to serve the Devil? Should I try to remain holy? Should I regret my sins? (Let the darkness take control of me I want to serve the Devil I don t want to be only like you And I will not regret my sins)
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