Текст песни Ab-Soul - Gone Insane

Longterm: Mentality
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Ab-Soul
Альбом: Longterm: Mentality
Длительность: 04:25
Рейтинг: 379
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Slaughterhouse


[Verse 1] I feel like, I'm affiliated with, the illuminati, bitch All seein' fuckin eye, this is your enlightenment I'm lightin' this, fire my supplier always like to give Higher than I've ever been these heights are mighty frightening Ya hands up as if you wanna strike like lightening Don't shoot, you can't fight a viking on vicodin Can you? Hmm I would like to see you try it then I be eatin' rappers that's the only way I'm bitin' them That was yummy yummy, dummy dummy, nothing's funny funny Give a bitch a sippy sippy, then I get some sucky sucky Sucky sucky now, think the nigga must be lucky lucky She's such a doll, I guess that makes me Chucky Wassup with ya'll other than nothing at all? Bitches lickin' my balls, you ain't nuttin' at all! You ain't nuttin' at all Neither am I Heaven's a better place, I hope you all die! [Pre-Hook] I think I'm Jimi Hendrix, I think I'm Kurt Cobain I think I'm John Lennon, gone insane Someone take this gun, before I blow out my brains (BANG) Ab-Soul, and A-Y-I-R-O [Hook] Grab a bitch then grab ya dick Pop a fifth and have a sip Smoke a blunt, pop a pill Fly nigga, fly nigga Party every single night Mingle with a nigga wife Doggone, we all gone Die nigga, die nigga [Verse 2] Life's a bitch, but she won't let me hit So I just masturbate to her naked flicks I ain't got change for a dolla, but I think I'm making sense I do resemble my father, but do I really know I'm his? Sometimes I like to go on a tangent of random shit Stay with her Black n Mild out and a handful of ass and tits Skywalker in the blunt, Darth Vader in the cup You don't get lifted with us, your elevators stuck I never gave a fuck, my name never came up But now that I done came up, I think I'm King Tut I told Punch I'd probably get assassinated by the government He probably think I'm sniffin' cocaine and some other shit I'm on some other shit, Black Hippie ho! Yippy ka yeee, Yippy ka yoo Tilt ya head you see me in the sky Heaven's a better place, I hope you all die! [Pre-Hook] [Hook] [Verse 3] Drownin' in Moscato, popular pothead Feel like I hit the lotto, and I just got head From a famous model (who?), Gloria Velez Lusting for Cubana's culo you know what it is I think I'm Jimi Hendrix, experience my fate All I'm missin' is a band of gypsies and some purple haze But now it's OG Kush and Ayiro instrumentals No need to insinuate, miss me with the innuendo Ya outlooks lousy someone needs a new window Ima win I just don't know when though You bimbos know what you in for some info to make you exercise your mental A seed small as my pinkie can be your weeping willow I'm so ill I'm held hostage at a hospital Doin' it big like not little Tivo the revolution when it's televised Heaven's a better place, I hope you all die! [Pre-Hook] [Hook]
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