Текст песни Vertical Horizon - Middle Ground

Burning The Days
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Pop-Rock / Modern Rock
Исполнитель: Vertical Horizon
Альбом: Burning The Days
Длительность: 04:25
Рейтинг: 495
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Загрузил: rog-as


You illuminate me You’re the color I see You’re all that shines above Through the dark and distrust All the doubt in your eyes All the stars in mine Is it the distance you need Or is it just me I know you’re awake ‘cause you shake when you cry As long as I wait I’ve got nothing but time [Chorus:] Take me in or just take me out Put me on if you must or just put me down ‘Cause I’m done I’m all worn out We’re either alive or a lie I’m done with the middle ground You’re the wind at my back You’re the courage I lack But you live your life like a war What are you fighting for Your touch is the water that gives and takes away So I wait in the gutter for another rainy day [Chorus] You close your eyes to see the sun And all the things you’ve never done They all come out in the dark And once again just break your heart I know you’re awake ‘cause you shake when you cry I’ll hold you I’ll hold you but you’ve got to decide [Chorus]
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