Текст песни Diablo - Light Of The End

Жанр: Melodic Death / Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Diablo
Альбом: Icaros
Длительность: 04:46
Рейтинг: 550
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Загрузил: Disbelief


I came from nothing into existence, to live from your shame And right by your side is where Ill stand Your journey begins and ends with me I am the way the truth and the life and my salvation is for sale So if youre looking for a shelter just stick around Ill seal your fate In this land of temptation... well, I know how sorrow creeps So pray with me, children of the night Im alway on your side Until the end of time Follow me into the light of the end Oh, I say... Follow me A heart that bleeds will never die Amen!
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