Текст песни A.K.-S.W.I.F.T. - Light In Me

American Discothek Vol.5 -1997
Жанр: Dance
Исполнитель: A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.
Альбом: American Discothek Vol.5 -1997
Длительность: 03:52
Рейтинг: 2971
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Загрузил: newmiles


All I see, all I see is the light in me, this guiding light, takes me places I wanna be. This guiding light, yes it's pulling me through the night, and all I want, all I want is to see the light. VERSE1: Call me storm, visions of a holocaust, planet turns to vapor, burned up bodies blown away lke paper. In the wind to the heavens cuz my grudge sent, victims down to hell just to face the final judgement. Torture chamber tactical my pratical skill, black boots, axe, on the hunt for the kill. Governmental @#%$, give it to me watch me bomb it, climbing multitudes like a "Marvel Hero" comic. watch the invasion of a heart snatcher, then I rock the cradle for a minute then I blast ya. Flip like a panther on some freebase, put you up in my trophy case. Then use your skull as an ashtray, sitting in the corner, in your mouth is where my joint lay. Insane intellect is what you're facing, cannabalistic tendency, born with creation. VERSE2: Cleaning my paws, getting ready for the hunt, sharpening the matter, with the books and the blunts. The animalistic instincts kick when I prowl, seeing more directions than a barnyard owl. Breathing hard as hell, but I manage to keep it quiet, stomping on my prey with the strength of a riot. Feeding on the flesh drinking blood of the education, causing mental murder while I represent my nation. You couldn't even fade me if my name was Levi's, x-ray vision can't compare to my third eye. Grab you up flip it, slap it the I cap it, treat you like a car with a flat as I jack it. Black by historical demand, you know me, you wanna see me hang cuz I did'nt say "Toby". Insane, the intellect is what you're facing, cannabalistic tendency born with creation. VERSE3: I broke up my chains and continued the mission, came one with the skies and drew death to suspiscion. The 50 calibur train of thought disrupting your 12 guage, thinking, wishful, get it on with the issue. Yeah I was dancin', but I'm not one of those shiny happy people, see you know I'm not the evil that men do. Sellout, fuck that, be broke , no fuck that, I'm still sporting a hoodie, and my 9 for the buck black. The spirit, some people fear it, and won't go near it, and claim that I'm falling even before the fuckers hear it. But who the fuck are you to judge my status, that is, you think you're michael jackson, cuz your screaming that you're the baddest. So come in my realm, watch me deal, come in my realm, watch me deal, come in my realm watch me deal then you'll see, the "Real".
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