Текст песни Junkie XL - Metrolike

Saturday Teenage Kick
Жанр: Electronic / Breakbeat
Исполнитель: Junkie XL
Альбом: Saturday Teenage Kick
Длительность: 05:37
Рейтинг: 3059
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: firestarter


Start act human race glance attrack. Give a shot life's a rut experience in a long shot. Big strut, big strut, big fun, what you got they throw some mud leap strut move hubbub something that you can't dodge dodge, avoid, umemployed, how you gonna fill the void? Void gap it's you that tries to step, step by step, metrolike, metrolike. Pep choice, it's your choice to make some noise toys cool boys watch the mind, voice, voice tone, stand alone, how did I land on this zone, space one of these days, opportunity knocks, go chase be an ace, race, craze, speeds fades nowadays, feel pissed, get dismissed, your favorite wish gets dismissed tongue twist, throw a fit fix a "hit" like the other's did determine wit, takes up, breaks up, no job is tip top. Ad men plan again. Things get out of hand man. Oops up behind your head, can you see who back stabs? Corporate talk make's steps hand clap money puts you on the right track nothing is gone last fad one day long another passed. Billboard list take a dip, the record slime he needs a bit, play hip, get tripped, always knew you don't fit, you know, I know, who's foolin who but you don't go. Get shoved feel the heat someone's gonna take a seat get cropped get beat find your ass down on a street sour mood, substitute, maybe he's going for the looth. All ideas, see no ears, tight suit, fat neck just peer... out of here need just more a true help to your career nothing's clear in the pot, the man who stirs ownes a lot all I've got, battered soul payed a toll. So what will unfold? Ad man plans again, things get out of hand man!
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