Текст песни Céline Dion - Super Love

A New Day Has Come
Жанр: Pop / Dance-Pop
Исполнитель: Céline Dion
Альбом: A New Day Has Come
Длительность: 04:17
Рейтинг: 1166
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Загрузил: Gordo


Some people they search their whole lives Lookin' for somebody who's just right Sometimes they settle for less Lose outta true happiness Then they finally wake up one day And realize there's nothing to say It's hard to let go Even when ya deep down both know So they fight and fight and fight And no more kissin' kissin' goodnight But baby that can't happen to us Because You and me we got a super love Never gonna give give it up It's the kind a sweet dreams are made a I'm not afraid a - our super love You and me we got a super love Ain't no way we'll ever get enough It's the kind of sweet dreams are made a I'm not afraid a No super love Some people they never find out How it feels to be feelin' no doubt You'll be right there when I fall And I'll be promisin' you the world No getting down on your knees Trying to get what ya need It's a good situation Sorry for elaboratin' But I want more and more and more So just keep knockin' knockin' knockin' on my door But baby you're a hard thing to find Because
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