Текст песни Nujabes - Sky Is Tumbling (Featuring Cise Star)

Spiritual State
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Nu Jazz / Jazzy Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Nujabes
Альбом: Spiritual State
Длительность: 04:29
Рейтинг: 591
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Загрузил: DiProff


Firmament, under deeper into uncertainty The unknown has shown grace but yet the third degree Lessons from the truth moves closer So you can pay the fee From A to B cascade rain baby I hate to be Voice of the last starfighter, I am esquire Shape of my skull beholds I am the star-child Sightless, going beyond the song timeless Write righteous but what’s left is really priceless Treat me how you wanna be but suddenly you hunting me Yes the sky is falling, chicken little don’t you love to be Screaming out the obvious but never saying help me Just too much to handle in the world now we’re melting Save it to the harder drive I’m counting stars until I cried Flowers in the final view, the world is ending come inside Graceful, when we’re gone the earth will write a fable Seas will rejoice and the skies will rise faithful Sun still sets and buildings will still crumble Meek inherit the earth, the comfort of the humble Just setting the mood come closer I hug you Say I love you right before the sky tumbles (Chorus:) Put it in the atmosphere Raise it up until we near Touching on the face of God Maybe now he’s gonna hear Joy coming in the morning Most of us will shed a tear Looking at the final act Hoping that we hold it dear (Repeat chorus) It’s the mission of schism, a minor key in the wisdom Put it the chamber and let it go to the rhythm I move it to the ocean and break it out of the prison, World full of wonder, I wonder if I will live it Full to my abilities in super high fidelity Put it to the tide of life but still it’s just an elegy Screaming to the closest cloud and watch it as it’s coming down Sun setting in the morning while the moon just touched the ground Crazy, like learning that you ’bout having a baby Two coming together forming a better maybe Raising the glass ceiling the feeling so amazing Like music playing while the sky is fading, praying for safety Quiet and deeper soul Speaking through the notes and told deeper meaning of being dedication on one accord Let’s begin, measure of the moment till the world ends Space between the breaths is eternity as the Earth spins Smile as a child do, while listening to mother’s tunes The weight is on my shoulders but its color is a shade of blue (Chorus x2)
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