Текст песни Juicy J - Zip And A Double Cup Remix (feat. 2 Chainz, Tha Joker)

Blue Dream & Lean
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Juicy J
Альбом: Blue Dream & Lean
Длительность: 04:10
Рейтинг: 400
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Загрузил: mir70b8


[Hook] A zip and a double cup, I'm gettin high as fuck [Verse 1] Ziplock bag of kush double cup full of drank I get so damn trippy in my mind I go blank The top 10 get high rappers # 1 is my rank You say no to drugs Juicy J can't Today I'm drinkin white tomorrow brown I am not a boxer but I'll do some rounds With yo girl I'mma spoon in the hotel room And if she ain't tryna fuck I'm looking for that runner up [Hook] [Verse 2] I dont' go to college but the dorm room is my domain Full of pretty bitches show me how they use there brain They sucking dick for homework, getting that dome worked Just to say they got with Juicy J and they did it first On a bean drinking dirty Sprite Bout to fuck that bitch raw bout to roll the dice Sex, drugs, rap music is that college life Gettin smoked out (err day) stoner's night (that's err night)
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