Текст песни Cervello - Colors

Жанр: Alternative Rock / Post-Grunge
Исполнитель: Cervello
Альбом: Cervello
Длительность: 04:05
Рейтинг: 519
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Steroid


Just woke up with an empty head I can't belive that you're gone The way you shined Brightest of them all Can not forget your smile I wish that you were here right now Why did you walk away the colors that we made have disapeared the life i tryed to save is no longer here im locked inside a cage with you nowhere near will i ever see you again Strangled out Lost my will to fight The wounds you caused never heals You where my sun The one who gave me light Im left in the dark for real Im caught inside the mirror put up by you reflecting all the things that you made me do screaming for the angels to help me trought and find the will to go on without you
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