Текст песни Exodus - Now Thy Death Day Come

Shovell Headed Kill Machine
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Exodus
Альбом: Shovell Headed Kill Machine
Длительность: 05:11
Рейтинг: 1647
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Загрузил: Igory


Now Thy Death Day Come [Music and Lyrics: Gary Holt] Bloodied, cleaved and mutilated Dead bodies amputated Mans bloody inclination God's final abdicaton Angels weep on bended knee So begins the tyranny The fallen one will rise again So ends the time of man [Chorus] My will be done Now thy death day come Never more the sound of laughter Misery for ever after The cries of suffering Are what the death day bring No one gives the benediction All hear the maldication Lucifer makes his accent No words for mans laent [Chorus] On black wings I take to the sky Scouring the land Rejoicing in and laughing in The folly of man Centuries of hatred Centuries of fear Have led you to the end of days And the one you so revere [Solo: Gary] [Solo: Lee] The gates of heaven have been shattered Wings of angels torn and tattered All due to mankind's thirst For war so well rehearsed When you see my demon eyes Too late to aplolgize Can you feel the irony? War for all eternity [Chorus]
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