Текст песни TRC - My Mistake

Brutal Rapcore Attack By DJ Make Illusional
Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: TRC
Альбом: Brutal Rapcore Attack By DJ Make Illusional
Длительность: 04:33
Рейтинг: 414
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: 666mc666


Always beef, show you why my hearts deceased, yeah it beats but no girl can reach, mistakes on the beach show how were all human, but theyre all consuming, feeling truant, made me look stupid, like they had my hearts blueprint, just because I liked to flirt, thought I wouldn’t get hurt, berserk, turned to work, 9 to 5, just to survive, raw, unplugged and live, saliva spit from the soul, can’t let them control, don’t need to be consoled have to be cold, un-born child left a hole, what can i say that part is closed, FUCK HO'S, I see them at the shows where they expose that theyre fraudulent, futuristict, they tried to do me over with Bitch shit but now I'm more realistic because i see it in their eyes, white lies that i despise but im grabbing the prize bacuase.. I thought I loved you, but you were untrue, Thats why I switch this, thats why i call you bitch, I thought I loved you, but you were untrue, And so we switch this, thats why we call you bitch, BITCH Each time I look back, what we had just seemed more grey, If yesterday had been different then i wouldnt feel dead today, Even though i had to kill it, what we had still plagues my mind, Because half of you wasnt with me and the other half said you had no time, Ive washed off your love until the water ran cold, I though the pain would numb but it dont, and the bottle wont let me fold, Hazy eyes that me blind, and now its loo late to turn back time, Youve gotta say goodbye to the boy who shot himself in the heart Bled - Laid - Died... I THOUGHT I LOVED YOU, BUT YOU WERE UNTRUE, THATS WHY I SWITCH THIS, THATS WHY I CALL YOU BITCH, I THOUGHT I LOVED YOU, BUT YOU WERE UNTRUE, AND SO WE SWITCH THIS, THATS WHY WE CALL YOU BITCH, BITCH BITCH YOURE GONNA GET YOUR NECK SLIT We held on because we loved the sex, I mean no disrespect, but pleasure has immense effects upon the human brain, it takes away the pain, and its depravation will drive you insane, but you wake up - and you smell the coffee, back in the day you couldn’t keep your hands off me, hot and frothy, now you wannna block me, wanna stop me, getting cocky, get the hell off me, that’s what u want - then that’s what youl get, theres no need to fret, me and Bunsee gonna rep, We got this town on evens, you won’t be believing, but no more deceiving, no more lying or cheating, Im leaving, no need to contemplate, i mistook fate for FAKE, It was my mistake...
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