Текст песни Ultravox - All Fall Down

Жанр: Synthpop
Исполнитель: Ultravox
Альбом: U-Vox
Длительность: 05:10
Рейтинг: 779
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: A-E-C


When I was a boy, there's a dream that I had That a war if it's fought was for good against bad And I woke up to find that the world had gone mad And we'd all fall down And I feel like a child again sitting observing You're toying with power, your fingers are burning You're pushing so hard that the worms won't be turning We'll all fall down While you try to pretend you're a God upon high With your party ideals and your squeaky clean lies When it comes to the crunch you're not smarter than I And we'll all fall down If it's color or creed, or your old time religion Well, fighting for that shows a pure lack of vision The fight that we strive is the fight to survive And we'll all fall down Well, look in the mirror and what do you see An American, Russian, a soldier or me? When you've all pressed the buttons Just where will you be when we all fall down? It gets harder to see just what future's in store for us Hard to see through all the wool you pull over us Words that you give are just words to console us We'll all fall down And what will you do when you've pulled the release When the sound of the thunder has drowned out the pleas 'Cos after all that was your idea of peace When we all fall down No sun for a world that once stood so tall No wind's going to blow and no rain's going to fall No flowers for graves, in fact no graves at all When we all fall down
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