Текст песни Encephalon - Rise

The Transhuman Condition
Жанр: Industrial / EBM
Исполнитель: Encephalon
Альбом: The Transhuman Condition
Длительность: 05:23
Рейтинг: 696
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ECT


I will rise Drug me up and crucify me I want to feel nothing but your betrayal nail me down and medicate what I'd assassinate if I weren't so frail what is another black hole to a dead sky's stars what is a fresh wound to a body so full of scars bleed me out and purify me I'm in need of cleansing of what I've failed sail me down the oceans face so I confront my fate in a ghostorms gale I will rise I will find room to grow or a place to die it's decay in their eyes widow black withered white I hope they see the price of deceit rot away in my mind don't look back don't deny we all have what you've called demons I will rise I will find room to grow or a place to die
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