Текст песни Rick Ross - Tears Of Joy

D.I.On Classics '92-'11
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Rick Ross
Альбом: D.I.On Classics '92-'11
Длительность: 05:34
Рейтинг: 279
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Загрузил: товарищ ельцин


[Rick Ross - VERSE 1] Smoking the best spliff in a brand new benz no I'd on the track let the story begin. begin... Lookin in the mirror but I dont see much Staring in the streets so I dont sleep much Watching the snakes so they dont creep up But the way I'm gettin dis money niggaz cant keep up U niggaz cant keep up Niggaz got beef but it cant be much I'm still walking thru the crowds like I cant be touched Top back all black gretsky puck Ice skater lil later might let me f*ck Damn, she might let me f*ck Last night I cried tears of joy Wat did I do to deserve this Rock a rhyme on my wrist a year ago I didnt even know dat b*tches exist Quarter milli for the muthaf*cka No insurance on a muthaf*cka Aint life a b*tch, but you gotta keep her wet Keys open doors so I gotta keep a set Everybody knows I'ma alot of ppl's threats Biggie smalls in the flesh livin life after my death Yesterday I read my horoscope Tell me lord will I be poor and broke Tell me lord will I be dealing dope I wanna take my momma to the pocanoes [Cee-Lo - CHORUS] WHHHHYYYYYYY [Rick Ross] BUT ONLY LORDS KNOWS [Cee-Lo] TO ALL THE LOVE ONES I LEAVE BEHIND BCUZ THEY CANT SEE ME FINE N I ASK WHEN SUM1 WANTS 2 B ME Y?? NOT EVEN EVERYTHING CAN EASE MY MIND IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND MY GOD I'm SCARRED I HAVE TATTOO TEARS OF JOY [Rick Ross - VERSE 2] Last nite I cried tears of joy What did I do to deserve this Young rich muthaf*cka still uneducated but dammit a nigga made it GOD damn a nigga made it cremated in the church lord knows I'm blessed Write every lawyer so you know I'm stressed A punch in the mp3junkyard.blogspot.com face get you 300k Ask glad now he back makin minimum wage Another victim of my criminal ways I wanna walk in the image of christ But that b*tch vivica nice And I'm still swimming in ice I'm just living my life I'm just living my life Lease a Lambourgini for your pus*y rate Life is just a pus*y race Snatch a b*tch take her back to your place Next mournin I can tell you how the pus*y taste I got expensive taste [Cee-Lo - CHORUS] [Rick Ross - VERSE 3] Last nite I cried tears of joy What did we do to deserve this Not to dwell on the the past but to keep it real I gotta represent for M & Teel All the dead souls in the field Lookin at my rolly its about that time White man had a problem wit mine N we suppose 2 b shy??(shy)(shy) The revolution still applies Prolly still on the rise [Cee-Lo - CHORUS]
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