Текст песни Katzenjammer - Loathsome M

A Kiss Before You Go
Жанр: Folk-Rock
Исполнитель: Katzenjammer
Альбом: A Kiss Before You Go
Длительность: 02:41
Рейтинг: 528
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Загрузил: ECT


Gonna dig me a hole in the deep black earth, sleep and dream of a another rebirth There’s no cure for what I’ve got and the healing of the devil is mighty hot «cheer up loathsome m.» Rely on me to bitch and moan, I wanna stay in and I wanna be alone Never could stand Saturday night, too much noise and too much light “cheer up loathsome m, don’t be afraid, afraid, afraid” Hey Hey Hey here comes the rescue, they are letting me loose from the house of blues Hey Hey Hey here comes the aid,I am blessed I got dressed and I’m standing the test Hey Hey Hey It’s gonna be all right, Hey,Hey,Hey It could be all right.. Some wanna save me others enslave me,kids need to shape up I need to wake up I’ve looked at myself both for and aft, but I keep waking up on Medusa’s raft «cheer up loathsome m.» The bell rings once and I’m ready to go. The bell rings twice and I’m shrinking in size By the third my vision is blurred, the bell won’t stop so I’m blowing it up “cheer up loathsome m, don’t be afraid, afraid, afraid”
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