Текст песни ASAP Rocky - Kissin Pink Feat ASAP Ferg

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ASAP Rocky
Альбом: Livelovea$Ap
Длительность: 03:35
Рейтинг: 2090
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: mir70b8


[Hook] She's all that I want [Verse 1: ASAP Rocky] She's all that I need, I'm filling your cup up With Sprite and codeine, she get me so high But I'm down on my knees, was it your desire? Your life or that lean? Wait a minute Cause ain't shit changed, just a different day This the kinda pain I just couldn't take away Something like Wayne cause you couldn't feel your face Is you in it for the feeling or the taste? Wait a minute What's the mothafuckin' problem? Me and my niggas mob Throwing up gang signs, fuck a goon and a goblin Gold grill shining, don't ask me how I got 'em Styrofoam cups with jolly ranchers at the bottom [Hook] [Verse 2: ASAP Ferg] Hey and now I'm blowing hella smoke Talking on my cellaphone and I got that purple on me She sipping on my styrofoam cup Telling me she wanna bone but I ain't got no condoms on me She claiming I'm a Pimp C Cause I'm sipping big mo when I'm on that screw juice She sip it 'til it's empty Purple on the mustache, now it's time to screw you And I wanna chop and screw you, girl Moving like it's turtle time feeling like the world is my mine And I be on my Frankenstein I stay on my money grind and I'm going outta my mind Flyin through the purple sky And I'm in a different world and you kinda look like Jasmine guy And I'm kissing on that pink juice, sipping on that pimp juice [Hook] [Outro] You can smoke that weed Sip that lean, get high (She's all that I want)
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