Текст песни ONYX - Da Nex Niguz

Жанр: Hardcore Rap
Исполнитель: ONYX
Альбом: Bacdafucup
Длительность: 04:07
Рейтинг: 3053
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta


{*beeper goes off eight times*} [Sonee Seeza] Aiyyo, fuckin bitches man.. (worrrrrd up) See that's what happen man when you fuck the dog-shit out of bitches Muh'fuckin hehahahh.. [stoned out conversation for 15 seconds] [Fredro Starr] If ya, got a girl then you betta believe She got a, dick up her throat and a trick up her sleeve But if ya don't take my word, take the word of another I love my girl more than I love my own mother until I caught the bitch in bed fuckin my brother Now, pussy to me, is a stick and a bone I fuck it and she suck it then I leave it alone then get out the crib 'fore her man come home DING-DONG! RING-A-LING-A-LING!! "Honey I'm home," scumbag sent candy Feelin damn dandy crazy drunk off some brandy Headed to the stairs, tip-tiptoed With these sneaky ass stairs kid ya gotta move slow She wasn't in her room, where could she be? Wait a cotton-pickin minute, I hear the TV I slid to the den, what did I see? I seen a nigga hairy STINK ass (word??) and my girl on her knees (OHHH SHIT!) She was suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) Hey man, I was just watchin this, it was monotonous I couldn't figga the nex niguh dick in my girl's esophagus Suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) Suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) Suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) [Onyx] Yo that's my motherfuckin word Man I was trickin on this bitch man I was buyin this bitch diamonds and the whole shit Motherfuckin Moet yaknowhatI'msayin? I was proppin this bitch up in Def Jam Niguz was like yo, yaknowwhatI'msayin? (???) Yo a bitch ain't shit man that's my motherfuckin word Yo Suave, yo Suave, yo Sauve Yo how do you feel about that shit man? [Suave/Sonee Seeza] A freak is a freak and a hoe is a hoe If ya bitch get this low, that shit is absolutely zero A hoe will have a pro just claimin love, I was (??) You can say like Mary J., "Just Remind Me" Was buggin when she started suckin fuckin peppermints Blow jobs got better? (How the hell ya miss those hits?) I know but then I got the shock that almost blocked me like an obstacle My girl lips locked a niguz cock, like a popsicle Quick - my man flipped the silencer tip Now let the dumb bitch go to hell, and suck on the devil's dick Yep, you knew money felt the chill He should have ate that pussy then it coulda been his last meal So don't let my girl suck ya dick Even if she's suckin the next niguh dick (oh shit!) Suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) Suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) Afficial Nastee Niguz (repeat 8X) [Fredro Starr] Picture this, picture that Ya girl's humpin the next man's plans of comin back Tell you that "I love you" Bacdafucup, breakdafucoff Bacdafucup bitch or I'ma gonna smack ya wig off Smack the cum, out ya motherfuckin mouth I got proof! (Oh yeah?) Cause it landed on my couch She was suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) She was suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) [Sticky Fingaz] Sometimes I feel like a nut {*KNOCK KNOCK*} It melts in ya mouth, not in ya butt, oh and.. tell your girl to stop changin her lip stick I'm startin to get, rainbows around my dick I got caught in the act, he pulled a gun and gave chase It ain't my fault, this bitch take it in the face Sheeeit, she the one who found Jack.. The "Blac Vagina Finda", hmm big ain't it? Lick clit so big God I almost fainted Suckin the next niguh dick (oh shit!) [Sonee Seeza/Onyx] She was suckin the nex niguh dick (oh shit!) She was suckin the nex niguh dick (worrd?) She was suckin the nex niguh, suckin the nex niguh suckin the nex niguh (she's still suckin his dick) She was suckin the nex niguh
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