Текст песни Body Head Bangerz - Go Hard, Go Home

Body Head Bangerz, Vol.1
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Body Head Bangerz
Альбом: Body Head Bangerz, Vol.1
Длительность: 05:25
Рейтинг: 710
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: And1


[Swellz] I don't give a fuck who you go and get I ain't running or hiding I done had it I'm clappin the iron Who you ice grillin' why is you eyeing It's nothin to me you little niggaz Can't collide with a giant You hard headedwith fucks so defiant Think it's sweet we hold heat Don't try us my weight up like the kid Pump iron if I squeeze enemy's better duck Or dey dyin dats my word On my seeds yeah I mean that for my youngins I'll do life in da bing Scrap and fuck niggaz I don't got no friends just associates I keep them a distance that's appropriate Enter my zone a get you cracked maybe choked a bit Snap til you motionless best you with a bat til it snap And I broke the shit if this weak you want to act then approach And get clapped when the toaster spit [Giz] Go hard or go home is the motto this year See the game don't wait Ain't no time for fear A lot of niggaz gonna hate when they get left in the rear But scared money don't make money, that's just how I feel A lot of people be like Giz how you get that deal It didn't happen over night had to be patient you hear Well there's a lot of other niggaz with some banging CD's But they still ain't fucking with Giz let me tell you A lot of niggaz tring to be like me but it's hard And every chance I get I pull they card I ain't gotta try hard to spit game at ya'll niggaz Keep talking slick I'm a take aim at ya'll niggaz Ya'll a bust in the air Scream lets take it to war only got seventeen shots I got about eighty more Ten is goin through you the other ten in your home Twenty is spitting at your crew the rest I save for the law
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