Текст песни Eminem ft. Slaughterhouse ft. Yelawolf - 2.0 Boys

Breaking Bad Meets Evil
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Eminem ft. Slaughterhouse ft. Yelawolf
Альбом: Breaking Bad Meets Evil
Длительность: 05:26
Рейтинг: 2999
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(Royce da 5'9') Ryan’s a homicidal misfit I write the solution to biophysics On the side of a cliff in some hieroglyphics This my admission to having violent psychotic Quick devour polish it, politics By the way I’m higher than the Eiffel Tower tip I like writin’, but I will stick this pencil in your ass before I bite your shit Pause, inhalin’ hella kush Us and Yelawolf like a heavy foot gas pedal push Felons, crooks, goin’ door-to-door like we sellin’ books Dolly Parton style, melons mushed Now my bitch a dancer, I’m ’bout as sick as cancer If you could swallow my style, you’d prob’ly rip your pants off If you could bottle my style and sell it to somebody It prob’ly’ll smell like cologne made out of bits of panther They call me Anchorman, I hold down the ship Leave you niggas floatin’ in water, then go and drown a fish Fuck, I’m fuckin’ heinous, I make you fuckin’ famous Them lead showers is comin’, fuck is you sayin’? (Eminem) Fuck, it’s fuckin’ rainin’! Shit, there’s lightning! Bitch, it’s thunderin’, ’cause I’m hustlin’ up a storm if you wonderin’ Shit (Shit), you couldn’t muster up enough thought To take a dump during a brain fart, jump if you want Urine in your face, all you had to do was say That you wish you would’ve just stayed pissed off in the first place We came to monopolize the game, Illuminati is here Yeah, human oddities, at odds with us, your squad’s gotta be ‘Cause we started out cold in a snowball, we froze Soon as we rolled up on these hoes, all’s we know Is y’all lowered like bar like limbo, you know who you are So quit fuckin’ the dog ‘fore we start callin’ you bizarre Shit, screw the pooch? Y’all done raped a pit bull Fell in love with the shih-tzu, this missile’s directed directly at you And this for these hoes who don’t know me from a can of paint You must be huffin’, fuck a ballsack, if the taints cain’t Take you on a date, you mistake me for a gentleman You 2000 and late, man, and Will I ain’t, I’m the bad guy Type of guy that’ll drag five girls up on stage Pour ice in their pants, and the first one who pees gets a black eye (Eminem) Must be outta your mind, you think you fuckin’ with us Suck on these nuts, bitch, hang it up, this game is over (Joell Ortiz) Puffin’ loosies, watchin’ I Love Lucy with Gary Busey (Crazy!) How the fuck could you son me? (I’m Shady!) Will there ever come a day when they could slay me? I don’t know, fifth month, black and yellow insect, maybe ‘Til then I kill the bad man tryna slay me Everything you kick weak, your spit kung fugazi (Hi-ya!) All my homeboys, 2.0 Boys Nickle, I just picked up a Phantom, look how it rolls, Royce! Even if I wanted to quit, I ain’t got no choice Verses keep comin’, I should invoice my own voice You should see the kind of asses that my pole hoist Hoes be like diamonds in your chain, man, so moist Bang bang, bang bang, House Gang, chainsaw Here to kill you pussies, don’t ask what we came for I write ’til my right arm veins sore Forearm feel like Thor’s arm in a gang war You hear that (YAOWA), you know who finna file out Definitively finish you, my fist stick out that eyeball Piranha mentality wit’ a Jaws bite all night Comin’ up, never saw light, but never lost sight (Joe Budden) Jets and movers, cesspoolers, meth abusers You step to us, text Rugers to respect the shooters My men think in sync, roll with the best crew Move to the beat of the same drum without Lex Luger Welcome to Nayhood, big in the ‘jects, G Cheated death multiple times without riggin’ the deck So I’m well-prepped if you just want war There’ll be blood everywhere, you be layin’ on the Louboutin floor It’s raw, you keepin’ actin’ like you don’t know Mouse, nigga And you gon’ need the best doctors, House, nigga Guard your jewels and avoid large tools ‘Cause after I spill you at
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