Текст песни Super Bob - Superfly

Super Bob
Жанр: Rapcore
Исполнитель: Super Bob
Альбом: Super Bob
Длительность: 03:02
Рейтинг: 650
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Загрузил: izum_si


Looky look I, Run a muck i Never fail to fuck up a good day i Run away sometimes and I know That I never needed anybodys help To live my life like I’m running from the cops SO I’m unstoppable, I’m impossible I won’t be put on the back shelf Waiting for this shit to sell So shut your big god damn mouth I don’t need you to prove to me I can never loose I’ll be like a breeze come through Gonna fuck up the crowd And bounce round to the town down the street You’ve been recently unfurled And you let all that greed snatch up the best of you Take a little bit of something fresh Take a little bit of this, I’m God Damn Superfly Yeah, I’m the greatest Aint got no money but they treat me like I’m famous God Damn Superfly I got the whole world In the palm of my hands not gonna let it go God Damn superfly Yeah, I’m the greatest Aint got no money but they treat me like I’m famous You might not know Sit back and watch me go As I put to death All of the things that you thought that you’d know I’m tastefully unchanged And raised up Got my chin up, I’m pent up And oh so ready to go Cause I’m, runnin in the face Of all they may say Born a better lead gotta get my break Just a taker away I’m here to break All the shit you brought Whats that you say You were late to the game Whatcha gonna bring Not gonna bend or break a bone I won’t fail or faulter, no Gonna take it and I’ll bring it home Its my world Not tryin to be anything I’m not I was born to be
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