Текст песни Black Moon - Ack Like U Want it

Enta Da Stage
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Black Moon
Альбом: Enta Da Stage
Длительность: 04:58
Рейтинг: 785
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Загрузил: T-Killaz


[Buckshot] Boo-Ya-Kaa, check my file and my style Never on the Isle, Buckshot was a juvenile A little freestyle fanatic, I shot the rap addict With an automatic, now I got static See back in the days, I was a stone cold hood Now I'm a paid hood, still up to no good With my crew from the Heights and the Island Still flippin' niggas, and we still be buckwildin' I never changed, never rearranged my finesse Buck one time to your chest, through your vest F.A.P.: Franklin Avenue Posse You can't stop me, cause my shits never sloppy I'm always on point, I pack, a joint and a burner Flip a scene, coming from a Teen like Turner Take it from another brother coming from the ghetto Once I get my five eight, no need for protect so I get paid to rip, step aside I'm a blow you Don't try to shake my hand moneygrip, I don't know you I'm just a hardcore, raw, straight from the ave Leave another question and you might get blast [Hook - 4X] Ack like you want it Ack like you want it What! Bring the drama Ack like you want it [5 Ft. Excellerator] I bursted in a rage, catching wreck on stage Blowing up the spot, I leave my name engraved You frail ass niggas want a piece of the 5, but You can't fuck with the nigga that's live Here catching wreck, with the Buckshot Shorty Spark up that L, cause it's time to get naughty Then he looked at me as if I was insane I'm just a real nigga with a lot on my brain The pressure starts to build, when I grab the steel Giving niggas the raw deal, with the mad appeal This time around, I flex the tec with ease And if you really want it, I give an extra squeeze Cause I'll cut out your heart, and leave it pumping in my hand Spit on your grave, and let you know who's the man There's nowhere to run, there's nowhere to hide Cause, the 5 Ft. Accelerator, is at your every side One time for your motherfucking mind... [Hook] [Buckshot] I ran to the boom spot, and shot the dread He finished my nickel bag of skunk weed, now he dead but Bust lead to the head, never did like a Fed Rule with the mad tool, fool check what I said I'm taking you down, I'm breaking you down, I'm real Wiz, Tek and Steele, niggas, you know the deal I'm for real no joke, so on the gun smoke Provoke, your dusty style, makes me choke Never bite, but I write, when I grab mics Boot your pretty bitch ass boy, and take flight With my razor, the infra-red lazer, blaze ya Like cane, I raise your little shortie's bad behavior Niggas better know that when I flow, I'm strictly business And I'm in there when I flaunt it ACK LIKE YOU WANT IT [Hook] [5 Ft. Excellerator] From the town where niggas always get bucked down Kicked in the door, keep my finger on the pound Word is around, that you're looking for the 5 Surprise, real niggas always survive Don't be amazed, I'm alive from the flames No need to scream now your calling out my name You little bitch ass nigga, you tried to take my life Now I'm taking all you own, plus I'm fucking your wife After that I'll have my man go and hit your only daughter And leave her body floating in some bloody bath water Hiss like a snake, and s-slither on the ground Nobody hears me move,or even know that I'm around You acting like you want it, now you're gonna have to get it As I grab you by your throat, feel the heat as I just split it [Hook]
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