Текст песни Bad Azz ft. Snoop Dogg - Out The Moon

We Givin' Somethin' Bacc To The Street CD1
Жанр: G-Funk
Исполнитель: Snoop Dogg ft. Bad Azz
Альбом: We Givin' Somethin' Bacc To The Street CD1
Длительность: 05:06
Рейтинг: 470
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Загрузил: sandro77


[Voice] Ha, ha What is an MC, if he can't rap? What is a DJ, if he can't scratch? Don't worry about a thing cause my niggas goin' do it all just like that [Repeat 3X] Boom, boom, boom... boom Ahhh, bend over, bend over [Verse One] Indeed I am Flossy like gangsta shit I got pounds of weed and keys Sittin' on G's Catch a breeze When I ride by high Sittin' on 'Tonas Tearing up spots And blocks in my hood ain't got no corners Cause we done chipped 'em all off a proper piece Bustin' rocks and Glocks And gettin ghost from the Police No peace So, he gets served with no concern To who gets burned and one day they'll learn Not to be fuckin' with the nigga Buckin' with the trigga Nothing you could figga Could help you escape From this mind state That I create young nigga Yeah! and it's just like that [Snoop - repeat 2X] L.B.C. out the moon and my speakers go Boom, boom, boom... boom My rearview mirror's vibratin' cause my speakers go Boom, boom, boom... boom [Verse Two: Soopafly] Now I rock Some will talk It don't stop When that funk shit drops To make your shit go pop Now let that beat ride In your 'G ride We gettin' me right Hittin' with that Dogg Pound "C" life Now its I, with that stylish flow So niggas step back or heads get cracked And I won't let back Who coming with that gangsta shit The shit that only gangsta's get gangsta with Now quick to bust your ass like the cop Waiting, debating for my ass to flip flop But I don't flop I just flip the script When I did and set trip Keep the clip close to my hip And don't say shit When I blast I done told your ass Slow the fuck on down Dogg Pound, Motherfucker [Snoop - repeat 2X] Boom, and you know that D.P.G's out the moon and my speakers go Boom, boom, boom... boom My rearview mirror's vibrating and my speakers go Boom, boom, boom... boom [Verse Three: Techniec] From the archives I arise off the Long Beach streets Will be comlete to the do is done to all that competes Don't be alarmed as I swarm through I warned you and your crew see wax So, what's that? A known fact Battle that the habitat our men is deadly You can get diluted Or depends on where your head be Striving for what your in for And for your info mo' flow Than the tightest nigga flowed in Ninety-four So, stand and deliver Watch nigga's shiver Quiver in they boots As I mob with my troops Through the east Where the phonies get deleted Be seated, and all the G's I know Stay heated [Verse Four: Tray Deee] See I was born to be known as a thug and theif So anyone with beef I gotta slug to sleep Peep, I'm not no nigga Figga' he can come up By getting a job so I mob Not givin' a fuck I'm the drama Mama warned all they kids about I mash up strapped Get my dibs n' out Hustler musn't trustin' a gat To keep me fat, seeking victims Pick 'em and then I stick them in track My heat black With the cereal number scratched out Don't wear a glass shield but You'll still be assed out I'm Mr. Tray Deeee And since they say "G" as my title My method mainly homicidal [Snoop - repeat 3X] Boom, Yeah, and you know that 2-1 out the moon and my speakers go Boom, boom, boom... boom My rearview mirror vibrating cause my speakers go Boom, boom, boom... boom [2Pac] Ha, ha, ha Could it be My history living G like Enemies that wanna see me Would it be like Picture me practicing perfection Now hit the deck Playa haters gettin' chin checked When I hit the set Watch how they fall When I buck 'em all We Outlaw, Westside Playa, touch 'e
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