Текст песни Delinquent Habits - Feel Good

Blue Crush - OST/ Голубая волна - Саундтрек
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Delinquent Habits
Альбом: Blue Crush - OST/ Голубая волна - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:56
Рейтинг: 699
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Jeireco


Verse 1: Cause I walk in a straight line how long til I’m gone Flare and don’t care for a stress hit dog I’m into ink in my flesh chronic in my chest A plate in my teflon vest relieve stress Adidas shell toe and sport a fly a** ho I’m known to rock show and go like Jim Mo Chew shrooms rock rooms wolf howl at full moons If I’m sad sing blues brings life to dead rooms Eyes burnt they heads turnt with fear These three muthaf***as came to rock right here It’s like that for cholos, hoochies and hood rats Bring back this big huero so what’s that Chorus: (2x) Came to make you feel good Make you feel real good Bringin love from the hood Came to make you feel good Make you feel real good Bringin love from the hood Verse 2: You ain’t posin no kind of threat not in the least bit I got that flow locked down just like a Brink’s kit To render you critical it’s that Imperial Mad diabolical with a Spanish flow I’m hittin em square in the chest with 50 caliber lyrics I’m getting louder than Loud guaranteed that they hear it Dropin back in a zone holding my own Shifty so I never get cloned quick jockin the bone My lyrics that be harder than porno I make you lose control like Sonny Bono Then I’m breakin up your band like Yoko Ono And in case you didn’t know well now you do know We gettin sicker than these chicks with d***s f**ck your chips You talk about these clips you grip that ain’t s**t Come fly with me up high like Robert Downey If the pit gets roudy it’s a D.H. party.....come on Chorus Verse 3: Budded I think too much towards roof tops echo gat pops Skin tight chonies and pants round them nalgas Rock like run to steel drums and congas D.J.’s spin D.H. track the bomba Esta mucho “wallah” without a flaw Trumpetas drums and a hard card to draw It’s a fiesta hands up if the hurra got you feelin Like you in need of an almighty healin Cause we bring cash and flash to city nights We’d rather puff and play than start fights We hang with Sick Side Psycho’s that’s right And it gon be alright.. Alright...So in essence my presense is felt throughout city blocks Irritating cops crushin bones like karate chops Make your ride hop flip a switch it don’t quit Down with a Psycho from a side that’s so sick D.H. will get you lit up loose lips will get you hit up Roundhouse f**k around blood is what you’ll spit up I’d rather make you feel good love from the hood Real good like you know you should vk.com/melomanotes
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