Текст песни Buddha Monk - Got's Like Come On Thru

The Big Hit - OST / Большое дело - Саундтрек
Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Buddha Monk
Альбом: The Big Hit - OST / Большое дело - Саундтрек
Длительность: 04:43
Рейтинг: 863
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Jeireco


[intro: buddha monk, (ol’ dirty bastard)] Ahahahaha Minds start to freeze, at ease Its the wu-tang killa beez Brooklyn zu, where we roll, manchuz Comin at yo’ avenuez 36 chambaz at a theater near ya (to all my muthafuckin niggaz in the place to be And lllllast man to me) We gon’ take hip hop to anotha level [chorus: buddha monk & ol’ dirty bastard] Wu, gots like come on through Su, that’s the call of the wu Zu, gots like come on through Su, that’s the call for the zu [hook: buddha monk & ol’ dirty bastard] If your from the east coast and You’re down with brooklyn zu Su, that’s the call for your crew If your from the west coast and You’re down with brooklyn zu Su, that’s the call for your crew [buddha monk] Yo, I make myself official with the 7-dotted temple And the knowledge procedes to take off like emmitt’s missle Its the rapfire comin from this lord, monk and sire Cut like barbfire, ka-boom, just raise your hands higher I get off even if it’s battle or war, y’all niggaz hit the floor And word iz bond, it still prescibes laws, hate the allegations So, I slam on this nation with motivation and watch out for the zu Domination We could take it to anotha level, glock-block that kills treble Honey rebels, and all y’all niggaz betta end up in fuckin belleview Yo, I mean that, I’m a God and I cut you no slack You wanna act, then I attack and just split your wig back Your some lame ass nigga rockin tommy hilfiger With 3 sizes larger just to make you look bigger And all you people out there procrastinatin to stop the assassination You betta check up with your still and just watch the zu nation [chorus] [drunken dragon - zu manchuz] Now take this, I hit you with the drunken dragon fist Got the punk for your mind leavinz niggas in bliss I look deep into your eyes, diggin in your soul Pullin out the inner thoughts, leave minds behold I know exactly what your thinking, I wait for you to blink And I hit you with a round to make your ego start sinking I send your wack ass back to class, learn something So you can peep the real shit, and you can stop fronting On your phony block, with your phony glock until you slip When niggaz burn the drama they put teks on your lips Hey son, I just thought about that shit And you wanna be a gangsta rapper, boy you get the dick The drunken dragon, comin at you And if I hear you say brooklyn zu, I say "yo, who you? " cuz [chorus] [buddha monk] Back the fuck up before I use my gat Spray two to your neck and four to your back It’s the hardcore warrior, straight from medina Look on my face it shows, no one meaner Brooklyn zu killa bees on the swarm I be in your area so sound the alarm Monks in the front know not to fuckin drunk Knocking down niggaz, and the girl sees the lump Shit is real, yes I’m hittin hard like steel I’m comin through your town so it’s best that you peel For real, yes I get dirty with my skill No slacks in my thoughts, no time for my to trip up Niggaz, your crazy, I leave no fuckin traces When I put it on that ass you’ll be desintegrated Crazy lunatic with the style that’s sick Somebody in my click is bound to set a pick Your hit, by this trife shit that I fix I’m just like the devil, I don’t play no tricks, cuz [chorus] [hook] [outro: buddha monk, (ol’ dirty bastard)] 1-1-2, 4-4-1 frankin av. Peace, to my nigga wack (it’s all good, it’s all bad Dirty runs for the mayor next year, finally You’ll neva see meeeeeee) Zu zu zu zu zu zu zu Suuuuuuuuuuu!!
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