Текст песни J. Cole - Intro

Cole World: Sideline Story
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: J. Cole
Альбом: Cole World: Sideline Story
Длительность: 01:22
Рейтинг: 477
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Загрузил: waterrrshine


Yeah… You ever prayed for something your whole life? I mean, all you dreamed about was this one thing. I mean, you know it's comming. You have faith in all that. But sometimes… Sometimes you second guess yourself That's human nature, I suppose, second guessing… When life seems to take you through more downs than ups. Seems like it gives you more losses than wins. But do you stand tall and be bold? Or do you fold? Do you believe? See, me, I came a long way. Way too far for me to stop now. Not that I would stop anyways but… I'm so close, I can feel it… Can you feel it? Warm up…
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