Текст песни Tech N9ne - Sinister Tech

Жанр: Rap / Horrorcore
Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Альбом: Anghelic
Длительность: 03:25
Рейтинг: 1168
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: GORSVET


[Psycho Bitch] I think your amazing I think your wonderful (x4) Your incredible and your amazing And I want you in my life forever And where ganna be great together (x6) Where ganna be beautiful together (x3) And let me show you what I can do (x3) Let me show you how fast I can get to your heart [Tech N9ne] Awh shit here we go again!!! When you met her She was right so thick Something better then a wife, no glitch She won't stop ever, but she might go click If you leave her you'll see a PSYCHO BITCH Now shes callin your crib, at nights so sick Wanna pop up and try ta fight your chick Lorena Bobbitt, Told her to slice yo dick If you Ever break up with a Psycho bitch Don't give me that shit But a nigga don't care, never could it be fair Then I was up in a middle lover Came a double dare when I woke up I was in a Mutha fuckin nightmare How you ganna fuck me on Sunday Then you wanna say you love me on Monday You buggin, Thinking everybody gotta bow down because your off in your lovin' If your on your telephone And then she lose it when you use it If sleep, don't leave it on, nigga, for true she will go though with it She call a bitch back from your phone and chew the chick a new uterus Even if that situation not lewd the bitch is ludicrous Bad when you gotta better bitch around Sad cause you never wanna kiss her now Never would got up in the women If I knew about menace And now never wanna take her down If she take her seroquel, and selects The bitch would probably stop and then try to catch yea Slipin with a beauty itchin to get chya You betta hope you neva leavin the stretcha If you with a psycho Don't go thought with it Be throught with it Right in the midst of happiness Her mood will switch and ruin it. You thinking you know women and your just so intuitive Bet that a nigga, That in back, At the end of this You will have to shoot a bitch (Chorus) [Big Krizz Kaliko] Pleeeease don't bring that Psycho shit to Meeeeee [Psycho Bitch] I love you now, don't you love me? [Tech N9ne] Don't evea go down low with her (psycho bitch!) But I'll never evea go out with her (psycho bitch!) Everybody betta learn how to see a (psycho bitch!) Never know when yo girl might be a Psycho That bitch is Psycho II, Pyscho too Kill em with a milli, put a knife in you Twice in you Psycho Bitches, Psycho Bitches (x2) [Psycho Bitch] And I want you in my life forever... [Tech N9ne] Yo! She poppin up at the club Lookin for you with the rollers and When push comes to shove Here you go on the flo' with this hoe again Psycho bitches never let it go Trippin's enviable be ready to get up and go, WHY? Because Tecca Ninna just ended the show Breakin my Crib Sniffin my draws Lookin for white bitch hair on my balls Trippin with chu When you out with the family She get it poppin right there in the mall Fuck with a bitch is definite Better watch who you stepping with Fuck attention deficit Better watch who the fuck you messin with Just because I Fucked you that don't mean we getting married hoe The way you sit around the corner from my house is scary though Psycho bitch is when it comes to relationships are very slow Bet chya'll never understand it's over till your buried Low Oh, No! Don't me up on the myspace flippin out Trippin with strippers you think I'm digging out Me sayin that "I'll never be taken by the hands of another man" Is a bad omen, cause you never know it might just be the hands of a women PSYCHO BITCH (Chorus) [Psycho Bitch] And I can roll my tongue [Tech N9ne] Stop callin me, never really wanna heart felt shit You ain't healthy for me and bitch I'm on a health kick Ps
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