Текст песни Bakery Brad ft. Frenchie - Freestyle

Trap Music
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Frenchie ft. Bakery Brad
Альбом: Trap Music
Длительность: 02:55
Рейтинг: 550
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: arschgesicht


murder murder man down murder murder man down murder murder man down murder murder man down murder murder man down murder murder man down murder murder man down ax about my flow i flip it rips it off the top niggas actin like they tough until i rips it on yo block yea fuck a nigga's spot im gon rip a nigga's spot if a nigga talk shit move wrong ... (frenchie, frenchie) nigga im real and i feel dese niggas dont want it to build cuz i want too real but still dese niggas is not for real i flow so ... fit get fit talented get fit dese niggas actin like they tough until they get twisted i flow so nuts ax my niggas u know he got my back it's just some fact if a nigga front u know he got the strap comin outta the game kinda late but nigga fuck it u niggas pop the gangsta but right now u so unlucky u niggas pop the gangsta but right now u couldnt touch me i heard u pop the gangsta but honestly u bluff it now ay now yea im boutta spray around dese niggas pop the gangsta but im boutta lay em down yea they pop it like they gangsta but they do not see around fresh dog nigga hey they dont let me out the pound so why a nigga flarin why i gotta lay em down act like they thorough when im fresh up out the town dese niggas is pussy so do not make a sound it's flame i got 44 u know i lay a nigga down flip and flip flip and flip flip that grand bitch flip that grand bitch ima deuce liner straight hard grinda i dont know about yo homie i need a...finda nigga who are u? im YG Hoo what's for too cuz you bout to roof i dont know about your crew but one for two we do i do and ax them deuces line ax all my dead homies like... all i ever rocked is red homie red diamonds see that boy he red shinin and i dont know about u knock it off to linin im in their fuckin bitch and u's a fuckin snitch aint bout no fuckin grip like fuck your bleek! brick squad monopoly gang gwapalli gang sayin sloppy
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