Текст песни Angels & Agony - Stronghold

Жанр: Futurepop
Исполнитель: Angels & Agony
Альбом: Avatar
Длительность: 05:24
Рейтинг: 672
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Загрузил: Sinister-1640


we read books on how to live and how to ease our mind we learn to meditate to find silence in our hearts. we climb mountains to find peace lectures for inner truth preachers who all know how to fool our soul I'm calling out to you to liberate your dreams to break the ties that bind you and to eliminate your fears how hard as it may seem try never to let go of the visions that we have for they will be our stronghold to which we will return millennia have gone by and prayers seemed in vain what we couldn't see was constructed in our mind we seek solutions but no cure questions to our answers dream the highest dream of you and try to realize
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