Текст песни Heltah Skeltah - Soldiers Gone Psycho

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Heltah Skeltah
Альбом: Nocturnal
Длительность: 03:40
Рейтинг: 632
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: T-Killaz


[Ruck] Straight from the under, I make niggaz wonder Why, I tap jaws, rock black eyes See I, know nothing about things I be doing Lives I ruin, in this here shit we persuing My parabellum means swelling, cerebellum when we dwelling The caucazoid, you void, my niggaz rebellin` Who in the hell ever, said you can dwell wether Or not, I sever your knot, with the shots so whatever I What, you don`t wanna battle me, battle me, that`ll be The day my whole posse rushes your monkey ass like Cato G True warrior, conquerer, takin` flights, yo Watch a nugget, I love it when niggaz on sight [Chorus: Heltah Skeltah] Will all true warriors in the house say "I" Say "I", if you not scared to die You can look a nightmare square in the eye, say "I" Soldiers gone pyscho, why? [Rock] I be your Boot Camp, veteran, faggots know better than To test me, see I gets nasty like hedicin So who say, not me, or Ruck gon` be Saddam Boy, you moms should of warned you about a walking time bomb I breaks arms and legs, and straight up I bend that ass So semi in that Henny, and we punk for me to bash `em Then ask Ruck, the irrational, here to bash a few To, after who, you, whose your face to crack the brew Then laugh at you, what`s the, matter, dudes Walking through my avenue, flappin` about You wanna battle, dude, have a capitol That`ll do that ass a little justice Don`t fuck with the mothafuckin` Rock and the Ruckness [Chorus] [Ruck] So all true warriors in the house say "I" If you scared to die, then punk, don`t reply The year born copper, I sworn to devour The unjustice crush the ones who are cowards So act like it can`t happen... Act like the Originoo Gunn`s don`t be Clappin` When the bitch ruckus reacting I slap fools, relax with tools in my presence Cuz that ain`t shit, because your murder is the essence So who wanna come test this champion sound? Can`t go un`ground, with the lyrics that pound Profound is the way that I talk, plus Muthafuckin` stoned is the way of my walk, what [Rock] Your jaw`s up for grabs, beef, I`m bringin` Swingin`, right to left, side, gets wrecked You think I`mma ass, money, don`t hold ya breath Let`s, take this move, the dungeon to darkness When guns bark, it`s war for real, kid, don`t start this Rockness, Monsta, stomp ya, braids in Never changing, forever face rearrangin` Your gamin`, the game, kid, you know that shit don`t work So bring ya game here, and get ya stupid ass hurt No under dirt, we won`t lay that, don`t say jack I can get ya back sprayed, or ya face smacked And my black Smif-N-Wessun, that`ll show me foldin` Now who want come and test the champion, Boot Camp`ion` Soldier
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