Текст песни The Blinded - Out Of Line

Modern Melodic Death Metal Vol.2
Жанр: Melodic Death
Исполнитель: The Blinded
Альбом: Modern Melodic Death Metal Vol.2
Длительность: 04:27
Рейтинг: 1307
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Загрузил: arschgesicht


Hard, hard like a beating Like a rock resting in my chest More, more than a feeling Coming out swinging for the fence Can you take the heat? Are you feeling it? Can you stand the heat? Is it burning yet? The things I hate about you make me sick I mean your voice, your face The dirty little tricks you played on me Did you really think that I'd put up with it? All your crazy shit, you throwing your fits Did you really think that I'd put up with it? Am I out of line? Do I scare you when I say I will get you back some day? Am I out of line? Running out of time I've got so much more in me that you need to hear but we are running out of time Before I lose my mind Dance, dance 'till my legs fold I am practicing for your grave No, no I am not cold I'm just giving back what you gave Can you pay your dues? Are you sorry yet? Will you pay your dues? Do you feel regret?
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