Текст песни NOFX - Punk Guy

Punk In Drublic
Жанр: Punk-Rock
Исполнитель: NOFX
Альбом: Punk In Drublic
Длительность: 01:09
Рейтинг: 500
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: sanya981


Crazier than GG, More PC than Ian. Got colored teeth like Johnny, Exudes a vicious disposition. His hair sticks out like Colin's did, he jumps, Similar to Springa, he points his middle finga. Not just he singer in the band. Voted biggest asshole, and role model of the year. Got a face like Charles Bronson, Straight outta Green Bay Wisconsin, Not just a singer in the band. He'll puke on you, he'll fuck your mom, He'll smoke while huffing gas. He was the punkest mother fucker I ever did see. 'Ah Hell he's even more punk than me.' He should've been on the cover, He should've been on the cover, He should've been on the cover of Punk and Disorderly
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