Текст песни Girls - Die

Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Жанр: Indie Rock
Исполнитель: Girls
Альбом: Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Длительность: 04:58
Рейтинг: 325
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Giba-G


Blood on my fist and seed on your lips While my breath soils the purity of this annoying silence I am the sentence and the absolution The highest sun and your greatest regret I stand and I dare you to watch Hoping you’re the only girl in my life Hoping the world will forget you Isolating you to love More the witness to our infected wounds Kiss the girls and make them die It’s the only way you can survive God forgive me if I tell you how to hide it Come closer and listen to my words I’ll confess my weakness to you Will you understand and arm them despite me I’ll show you the lines of my crying Just trying to squeeze a drop of pity out of you But inflame my desire
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