Текст песни Century ft. Turbo B. - Point Of No Return

Superхиты 90-Х Vol.1
Жанр: Dance / Eurodance
Исполнитель: Century ft. Turbo B.
Альбом: Superхиты 90-Х Vol.1
Длительность: 04:20
Рейтинг: 26254
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Загрузил: nehoroshev74


I can make you feel sensation Take you to your destination Take you to the point of no return And if you make the right decision Free your mind and see the vision Take you to the point of no return The point of no return Talk to me baby Tell me that you want it Tell me that you need it Don't you wanna try it Talk to me baby Will you understand that This is how you get To the point of no return The point of no return Bam, here we go again In it to win it so let me begin it Hard with a funky rave fill And I know that you know that I know the deal Wheels are rollin'. I'm in Control in this, never miss Talking to crowds Turn it up loud Pumped up drag With my head up, proud Turbo alliance, total defiance Get with it, I'm with it, accept no deniance Hot touch, let it burn To the point of no return You thought it was over, but it's not What you need is what I've got You thought the power was gone But it's here to stay, so let get it on Solo solo watch out I'm comin' Whole posee's gunnin' But I'm not runnin' Jerks, works and old producers Without ya the kids gettin' loosers Free at last, free at last Forget my past, prepare for the blast Lock yourself in firm To the point of no return The point of no return The point of no return, yeah, yeah
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